Short   |   English   |  Horror

Trapped in a horrifying and disjointed dream like world, a man must escape his own inner demons before they consume him. He must overcome his worst fears or remain forever lost in this never-ending nightmare.

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'Lost In Sleep' The film focuses on the issues of depression within the male population but can be linked to all genders. Based around the idea of sleep paralysis within people who suffer from mental health, often a person can experience this when they have a reoccurring nightmare and wake up unable to move, their mind is telling them to move but they can't. Sometimes a figure can also appear in the person's nightmare, (in our film 'a sleep demon') and paralyse them with fear, unable to move away while the figure crawls up them or towards them. The sleep demon in our film also represents the 'black dog' which people use to explain the feeling of depression which weighs them down on a daily basis. The film shows a glimpse of one mans psychosis and his own personal demons, representing the confusion of feeling lost and not knowing who you are any more.


The Man

William Marshall

Sleep Demon

Jamie Curran

Maria Lee Metheringham


Maria Lee Metheringham

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Lost In Sleep - Short Film